Tuesday, 23 November 2010

TOP TEN NEWS - Valentino♥Gap

Gap teamed up with Valentino to produce a capsule collection - all seven-pieces are gorgeous and will be in stores on Friday to celebrate Gap’s arrival in Italy.
What's the point of doing this story :( you ask?? The pieces will only be available in select stores in Europe–at Gap’s new stores in Rome and Milan, as well as Colette in Paris and at Dover Street Market and Gap’s flagship store in London. Anyway, Valentino’s signature ruffles translated well into a collaboration for the high street retailer! The color palette is simple–army green, cream and black – so as not to upstage the ruffles adorning all the cargo looks. 
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Monday, 22 November 2010

Anna goes to CHINA!!
The Shanghaiist (♥ the name) reported that she’s there with American Vogue‘s Director of Special Events, Sylvana Ward Durrett. Apparently, Anna is there to speak at some sort of forum at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Art in Beijing, where people will be able to ask her questions. The event is set to take place today..(they are 13hrs ahead, I think - so tomorrow)
Anna and Sylvana also paid a visit to Vogue China’s offices to meet with their Editor in Chief Angelica Cheung, who copies Anna in everything down to the 
Kindly note that American Vogue‘s latest issue features a two-page spread of Asian models who, according to the sub-headline, are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty.” This would imply that Anna has developed an interest in increasing the visibility of Asians in Vogue, of which there has been very little in the past. Is this embracing a trend or a tactic to sell more magazines?! 

I think the real reason she's there is that she is so tiny (size 000), she has taken to shopping majorly in China - American sizes are way TOO big.
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Monday, 1 November 2010

Just previewed the H&M for Lanvin collaboration, but naturally the UK press has already seen the majorly anticipated collection already! FYI Vogue.com UK posted the whole story and pieces. It’s epic and every bit as good as you hoped it would be. Floral print dresses, one-shoulders–voluminous short skirts, pointy-toed heels are The Top Ten Team's favorites. We'll take every single item please! There will be sleeping bags for blocks around H&M’s across the US as November 23rd approaches. 

The collection, entitled Lanvin Hearts H&M, includes party clothes and accessories for women and men and, unmistakably, carries the Elbaz design signature. The designer, who was born in Morocco but raised in Israel, shows his high-end Lanvin collection in Paris and is famed for his luxurious cocktail dresses which flatter rather than frighten women, albeit those who can afford the £1,000 price tags. This high street collection represents the first time that his designs will be available to the masses – most designs will retail at around £100.

Elbaz told Womens Wear Daily this week that this egalitarian approach would not cheapen his work at Lanvin. "Ninety-five per cent of women cannot afford [Lanvin] so let them have a taste. It's like if I was living in a palace and opened some doors and said, 'Have tea with me, taste the food'."

Highlights from the collection include a one-shouldered ruffle cocktail dress in midnight blue silk, a faux-fur bomber jacket and a pair of leopard court shoes with diamante-encrusted heels and raw-edged, ribbon-tied ankle straps. It is aimed at women of all ages, although not those who favour trousers

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

KK on W

NEWSFLASH - All media outlets have officially accepted that Kim Kardashian is an icon of our generation - deserving of solo cover space on one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, which were once devoted only to "real stars". Real is the operative word! Thanks God that's over with. Of note we ♥ our friend and mega-stylist, Monica..without her Kim would not have made it to style icon status.

This is another sign that, in this age of Jersey Shore and other "real" tv there is a new definition of STAR! Why should an "Art" issue be limited to greats like Salvador Dali? The antics of Kardashian and Snookie can appeal to the same analytical minds that appreciate surrealist art. Their sauciness can appeal to thinkers who think so hard that they desperately sometimes need to escape the act of really thinking to think about how people can go through life seemingly doing so little of it. Maybe some of these overthinking types will be struck by Kardashian's nakedness, then see the headline and think that there is a depth to the woman that they just haven't given a chance. 

Or maybe, it doesn't matter what kinds of people this cover appeals to because it will appeal to droves of them, and lots of them will spend money on this issue. This is ALL that matters! Right?!

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Floppy Felt Fedora

Our must have accessory continuing into FALL is a new wave of floppy and felt fedoras. The look comes courtesy of fashionistas on the streets of LA! They have perfected and transitioned the accessory from summer sun shield to fall. It is a wide-brimmed hat, but also floppy and femme. It is a fedora, but bigger and wider. It is a '60s sun hat, but sturdier. Really..it resembles a Stetson, but also not. I love magic and this little accessory is exactly that - it can transform your outfit into much more.
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Friday, 17 September 2010

Tom Ford as usual..drama and exclusivity - we ♥ it regardless!

Unimaginable as it may seem although we all seem obsessed with the guy..most have not seen his movie, “A Single Man”. SPOILER ALERT!! The ending is terrible and I absolutely hate sad endings. I'mI'm a bit flustered as this is what stories of Tom Ford does to me.

Anyway, Tom is being Tom and he has maniacally plotted his inescapable well- received return down to the last celebrity he has chosen to walk the runway. The show is reminiscence of an old couture Chanel show, where he describes the outfit as the celeb-model twirls. Everything old is new?! 

Ford’s extraordinary was held in his men’s store on Madison Avenue before an audience of perhaps 100 editors. He had thought out every detail of the clothes and accessories, not least the kind of women whose glamour and personalities would express his ideas about dressing.

As said he narrated the show, with a touch of camp, calling out the name of each woman and then giving a lively, detailed description of her outfit. Though there had been rumors that Julianne Moore and some other well-known women would be in the show, I don’t think anyone in the audience expected such a dazzling cast. In addition to Ms. Moore, he had Beyoncé Knowles, Emmanuelle Seigner, Lauren Hutton, Rita Wilson, Rachel Feinstein, Marisa Berenson, Daphne Guinness, Lisa Eisner, Farida Khelfa, Lou Doillon, as well as quite a few supers, including Joan Smalls, Liya Kebede, Amber Valletta, Daria Werbowy, and Stella Tennant. 

Apparently each looked breathtaking..we wouldn't know. Only Editors were invited - EPIC!!! Pics are not out until December. Obviously Tom will try to debut this as a mini movie (as he also moonlights as a Director). The New York Times reported that the outfits were the height of glamour — sharp pantsuits in black silk or a leopard pattern, gorgeous black evening clothes with sheer blouses, corsets and maybe a shrug in shredded tulle, impeccable details like hammered gold jewellery, stilettos with ankle ties and seamed black stockings. The technique was perceptibly Tom Ford, statuesque, feminine, elegant and with that big-time sense of fashion.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dasha Zhukova: Hippest Designer, most artistic Editor and now rumoured gold digger?

Dasha aka Daria has a fashion line, an art gallery, now appointed editor of a fashion magazine, and is having a Russian oligarch's baby. Is this why people are calling her a gold digger?

Interview Magazine gassed her up and I love it! Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot of loving-her-or-hating-her going around when the first issue of Pop magazine with her as editor hits the stands in September. She is a fierce art and fashion luminaire..people ask if she is a role model for little Russian girls. Who cares! Some say she is a horrible money-hungry slattern who is using her rich boyfriend to finance her hobbies? Who cares!

Real Name: Daria Zhukova
Age: 28
Residence: London,lots of time in Moscow, L.A., and other capitals.

Source of Wealth: Roman Abramovich, her Russian billionaire boyfriend—and, if you're going to sell your womb for billions of dollars, there are uglier guys to sell it to. Just saying. Her Dad, Alexander, an oil magnate who was once held in Tunisia for arms dealing, is chipping in too.

Background: Parents divorced in the early '90s, Dasha's mother Elena, a microbiologist, moved her first to Houston and then to L.A. She studied biology and literature at University of California, Santa Barbara. She spent her senior year in Moscow and has been a habitué ever since.

Famous Ex: Russian tennis player Marat Safin.

Famous Friends:

Stella McCartney 
Jeff Koons 
Natalia Vodianova, model 
Derek Blasberg, writer (who did the Interview, um, interview) 


Launched L.A.-based fashion line Kova & T in 2007 with friend Christina Tang. It became famous for it's latex leggings and hipster aesthetic (see left). 
Started the Center for Contemporary Culture (better known as The Garage), a modern art gallery built in a converted Moscow bus depot, last June. After a lavish opening where Amy Winehouse performed, it's first show was by Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Next up was items borrowed from the François Pinault collection and followed by a collaboration between director David Lynch and shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Is a venue for the Moscow Art Biennial next month. 

Named editor-in-chief of British fashion magazine Pop in February, to replace founding editor Katie Grand, who left to open Condé Nast's Love. The first issue under her reign comes out until September. The fashion world hasn't been keen on her appointment considering her lack of editorial experience. Monday, the mag's cover by Damien Hirst leaked. 

She is due to give birth in November!

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It's Britney bitches..Pop Magazine Winter 2010

I love Takashi Murakami!!!! Who is he..you ask? Stay tuned to the next TTT blog - When thinking of photographer/celebrity pairs to shoot a magazine cover, the duo of Britney Spears and Takashi Murakami is not one of the more obvious choices. But Pop’s Winter 2010 cover (the future?) shows Britney looking Japanime perfect lensed by Mr. Murakami himself. 

Dasha Zhukova (we'll get to her later)was appointed as Editor in Charge of Pop Mag and it has taken an artsy tone, its Summer 2010 cover shot by Richard Prince. The strange coincidence is that both Prince and Murakami gained major fashion world fame because of their collaborations with Louis Vuitton. I guess if you're going to copy you might as well copy the genius - Marc Jacobs..

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Friday, 20 August 2010

Kate & Laura Mulleavy sells out.. to LVMH that is, which is really NOT selling out!?..

If you're going to sell then LVMH is the buyer to mull over!!!! Hurrah for Rodarte - we love this line and the girls behind it.The speculation that megabrand corporate umbrella Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy is in end-stage negotiations with black magic sisters Laura and Kate of Rodarte is all over the NET. Their five-year-old, decisively beloved label has gone as far as their little brand can go without corporate backing. We think the deal is going through and it will certainly mark the high point of what has been a very busy, often tumultuous summer for these LA girls.

There were good reviews for their last Fashion Week showing and their retrospective exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Musesum. The sisters have also announced a forthcoming book and endured PR defeat when MAC canceled their contentious makeup line. Of note and much more exciting is the early peek at their first venture into cinematic costume design with the release of the Black Swan preview. 

Why would LVMH even consider Rodarte? Basically to add another editorially respected line to their brand of brands (Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy,etc.) The truth is Rodarte is yet to be exploited and their collaboration with Target was a huge success (we bought 1 piece of everything).Rodarte is a name that is never far from the lips of both editors and sophisticated consumers. They have a $2 million budget and have been operating at a loss for some time..unfortunately - this will equal financial freedom allowing them more space to grow and a support structure that will allow them enter new markets. 

We look forward to accessories, beauty products, increased publicity..all of that! This may very well be an indie designer dream come true.
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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Harry Potter's Emma Watson looks fabulous whilst being fired by Burberry

When we want to change something in our life how do we, girls, react? Right, we change something in our look.

Harry Potter's star Emma Watson, has recently cut her hair!!! Chopped off all her curly locks and getting a Twiggy-style pixie ‘do. 

In her Facebook message yesterday, Emma said cutting her hair was the “most liberating thing ever” and she felt ‘incredible’ about her new look.

Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago… Feels incredible. I love it,” Emma Watson wrote. “I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x.”

She apparently cut her hair at Rodney Cutler’s salon in New York City where she’s presently enjoying her break after wrapping Harry Potter’s final movie Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows part II.

The Top Truth - the reason for changing the look in fact is that poor Emma has been fired as the face of Burberry and replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who’s replacing everybody these days. She replaced Megan Fox in the new Transformers.
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Plait Party..**Summer Trend**

     Plaits are the go-to hairstyle for summer. Look to Jean Paul Gaultier for festival or holiday hair inspiration, small braids, twists and texture create the perfect laidback look, while Prada showed how plaits can be grown-up too. Classic and simple, hair was loosely swept off the face and plaited to create a chic style. For humid days (if we ever get any) Margaret Howell had the perfect solution - mussed up Heidi hair, just weave your hair into two plaits and pin them up (don't worry, you don't have to be too neat.) If you really want to create a beauty stir Yohji Yamamoto and Giles created weaves and fishtail plaits to make you go wow, just make sure you have your hairdresser on speed dial! Personally I'm not so good at braiding hair..
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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

TAYLOR MOMSEN ♥ MADONNA (who doesn't?)

Momsen is a Material Girl!!!! Gossip Girl,Taylor Momsen has been named the face of Madonna and her daughter, Lola’s new label. In celebration of the Material Girl collection, which will make its debut at Macy’s today, Momsen will perform live at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC. She's got a pretty decent voice, BTW! It’s a fitting partnership for two rocking chameleons and we can’t wait to watch Little J (GG) evolve. There is a new rockstar in town and it's Taylor!

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Thursday, 29 July 2010


other Nickname: The Iguana
Real Name:James Newell Osterberg Jr
Profession: singer, songwriter, musician, and occasional actor

Invention: Stage-diving ( I know? right..OMG!!)

Our New York Liaison saw Iggy at Barneys Co-Op last night to sign t-shirts at the launch of his collection for the store’s Archive 1887 line. Her exact words were "he's old, but he's got the body of a 21yr old!!!!"

Does he really wear t-shirts? Apparently at the launch he was wearing a bare waistcoat. Actually we looked him up on the Web and we could NOT find a photo of him with a shirt on. 

When asked “You don’t really wear t-shirts, are you going to wear your Barneys’ Archive 1887 line?” Classic mega-rockstar reply “I wear them in the morning when my AC is too cold in my Ferrari–I always wear an Iggy and the Stooges t-shirt,” he said. 

Back to Fashion: Each garment's hang tag comes with a key that can be worn as a necklace and an online code that, when punched in at Archive 1887's website, unlocks a streaming playlist, musician career bio, etc. (Get it? The key unlocks the playlist ... oh, never mind.) 

Iggy was fab about posing for pix! check out the line - www.archive1887.com
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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First Kate now Erin..The Top Team is intrigued with multi-tasking ERIN

Who is Erin Wasson? She is an American model, sometimes stylist and a bit of a designer. Love the multi-tasking! She's graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including French, German, Spanish and Australian Vogue. To make a long story short she has more collabo-s than Didddy. 

The expansion of the Wasson brand began several years ago, when she bought an East Village apartment that turned out to be two floors below the young designer Alexander Wang. They lived in the same building and made fashion friends in an elevator. He saw the way she dressed on a daily basis and asked her to style is runway show. 

Her most recent collabo seems to have a bit of gossip - "the RVCA break-up" ?!. 

According to sources inside the company, RVCA dropped Erin Wasson because her team was too hard to work with. “Total chaos and the epitome of unorganized,” according to one person we spoke with. We know, what a shocker. What do they expect???

Word is.. that The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based skate brand–acquired last week by behemoth Billabong–will be focusing more on its other collaborations, like the one with Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely. Funny thing is, Neely is essentially a Wasson knock-off, at least when it comes to personal style. 

****From Erin’s team; they have “no comment.”
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Top Ten Trend - BOWLER HAT

We're grabbing a quick lunch and summer is in full effect! To see cool california girls embrace English bowler hats..how cool is that! It's androgyny..it's sophistication..it's timeless - bowler baby!
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

TOP TEN NEWS: Gossip Girl visite Paris!

Gossip Girl est à Paris pour la saison quatre. Oui! Nous sommes tellement envieux. Je veux plus!

Although we may have become use to the extra sharp shoulders - this gold sequin jacket and tazored blue pants on Blake Lively is on fire! Je le veux..

Both Leighton and Blake sexily skips through the Parisian rue! Leighton wearing a girly, print-happy Moschino dress, and Blake ever so cool in a tomboy-cool Georges Chakra dress and a boyfriend blazer. 

TREND ALERT: Lively kills us with the heat of this pink bubble-gum wide leg pants and chunky jewelry. Are bras the new tank top?? The trouser is beyond!

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Black Face..

The history of Blackface is that it is theatrical makeup used first in the United States in minstrel shows, and later around the world, where the practice became popular during the 19th century. It is associated with American racism such as the "happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation" or the "dandified coon." Do we still need to go over this..Black face is not to be put on as make up. 

The 60th anniversary of Stern Fotographie magazine pays tribute to ultimate Glam God, Karl Lagerfeld’s. The issue was published with six different covers, each an image of Claudia Schiffer styled in a different theme. There’s Claudia as a Working Girl and Claudia as Marie Antoinette, Claudia as some sort of Stripper in a Cop Costume and Claudia as a Man. UNFORTUNATELY...there’s Claudia as an Asian woman and Claudia as a Black woman. What the Hell????

Shooting a model in blackface is a trick and a trap tactic of creating controversy and certain fashion idiots are so desperate for AIR time, they'll do anything. WHat's next! Although this is creative connossieur Karl Lagerfield, it doesn’t make it any less offensive. The images promote Schiffer’s versatility as a SUPERmodel. She can look Black and she can look Asian,however this is SUPER boring..ON TO THE NEXT. 

The Kaiser, Karl Lagerfield could have been more creative instead of coying racist events of the PAST.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

10 reasons why Marc Jacobs' BANG fragrance is fuming!

1)The Ad is controversial
2)Marc's body has never looked better (hair transplant, tan, tattoos,earrings)
3)We've not forgotten that he invented GRUNGE - sort of
4)He is the map of fashion - GENIUS labels (eponymous line, Louis Vuitton)
5)He is SO New York (born & bred)
6)He's been criticised by Oscar de la Renta as a mere copyist (DRAMA)
7)Although an accused copier, Ed Hardy blatantly copied his quilted nylon bag (see post below)
8)His most impressive work: his makeover. 3yrs ago, he was long-locked, four-eyed and buttoned-up geek chic when he hit New York’s legendary Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And now look at him! 
9)He won the CFDA's Womenswear Designer of the Year Award ! Hoorah.. 
10)We are so obsessed with Marc..we have multiple pairs of his MJ galoshes(WELLYS)

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Monday, 21 June 2010

I grew up with football on the telly all day! Am I fan? Maybe..

There is NO doubt that The Top Team has an ongoing love affair with Louis Vuitton. The FIFA World Cup South Africa final is on Sunday and in the event of the cup, FIFA has special ordered a case to hold the World Cup Trophy! The case has been handmade by a single craftsman, and has been designed to accomodate the celebrated trophy. Covered in Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas, the travel case is fitted with the company’s signature brass lock and corners, and has a dark brown lining that complements the Trophy’s rich gold.

Thierry Weil, FIFA Director of Marketing Division: “The travel case is a fundamental element in the appearance of our most important asset. It not only underlines the exclusivity and personality of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, but guarantees safety and protection on it’s travel around the world.” Well said ..Well made ..Most wanted! Let's go G-E-R-M-A-N-Y or S-P-A-I-N!!

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

TOP NEWS - Hell to the NO..Twilight jacket to be destroyed!

BB Dakota (California label) was lucky to have Kristen Stewart wear their their $70 multi-pocket jacket in the infamous mega-movie Twilight. Free advertising!!!! What designer wouldn't absorb and capitalise from such phenomenal product placement.

Summit Entertainment however wants to pee on their parade..the studio behind the film franchise is NOT happy and filed a lawsuit agaist the label for copyright and trademark infringement,in terms of marketing.

Apparently, BB Dakota may have gone too far as they were promoting their cotton jacket on their website with the description: “Bella Swann wears this jacket in Twilight and scores the hottest vampire in high school, and so can you!”

Originally sold in 2006 BB Dakota reintroduced the Twilight jacket last year. I think we would definitely keep using this jacket for magnaminous PR!!!

Unfortunately, "The Bella Jacket" is no longer on the BB Collective website. Surprise, surprise it's on Amazon (sold as "The Bella Jacket"), as well as Fred Flare (as the "Nicola Jacket"). This is NOT a TRICK and a TRAP..get it now before the Studio KILLS the frenzy. Yup..Summit wants to stop sales and further wants BB Dakota to deliver all remaining Bella jackets to them for destruction.

In Whitney Houston words..Hell to NO!
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Friday, 11 June 2010

Top Ten reasons why The Hills' Lauren Conrad 4th (..yes 4th) book will be a success!? It comes out October 2010..

1)MTV loyal fans,2)Tween scene fanatic followers, 3)She's beautiful, 4)She's been on two successful reality shows, 5)She's had a huge following with her eponymous fashion label and that was parlayed into a line for mega-chain Kohls,6)She's a bit controversial as some say she has no talent,7)She's had the same agent and publicist since she arrived on MTV in 2005, 8)Her stylist is no doubt talented,9)She already has three other books that are bestsellers,(10)Finally, the critics l-o-v-e to hate Lauren.
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Ed Hardy cheats.. and BADLY

First rule of fashion design: If you've been inspired by a certain item (ie. Marc Jacobs handbag)you MUST change 7 things on the actual item to call it your own. You can't just switch the color, add a school of fish and call it your own: Ed Hardy.
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Top ten reasons why Madge (untouched or with photoshop) is still the reigning Queen of POP!

Actually, we couldn't sum up Madonna in ten..These authentic Louis Vuitton photos(untouched) are absolutely beautiful. Simply put, she'll be 52yrs in a couple of months.
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Top Ten items of the week (ok maybe there are more than 10) - ALL JEANS!

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Decadence for less

Our favourite pricey designers love to tease us with fashionable trinkets. 
Just because you can't afford their decadent line of clothing, bags, shoes etc - you can certainly still feel like you are the scene by wearing their tank tops and carry their totes. Here are ten things you must have for June..well the Chanel bike was too exorbitant to put a price on it...but you can dream, yes you're loco for coco!
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Friday, 4 June 2010

Top Ten reasons why I love that Sarah Burton is now Creative Director at Alexander Mcqueen

  1. She was born in Manchester
  2. She is a Central Saint Martins graduate '97
  3. Her personal style is minimalist with a Queen Elizabeth I edge..shocking!
  4. She snagged a job at Alexander Mcqueen in '96 before graduating from CSM
  5. She is 35yrs old
  6. She became head of womenswear at Alexander Mcqueen in 2000
  7. She barely wears make-up
  8. She completed 16 of the pieces for Lee's final collection
  9. She unconditionally loves Alexander McQueen!
  10. I love her quote - "The creation of modern beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee's vision. I intend to stay true to his legacy."
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Top Ten most Fashionable VayCay

  1. Goldeneye(Oracabessa),Jamaica - historical & whimsical!
  2. The Datai(Langkawi),Malaysia- clear atmosphere & natural paradise!
  3. Me by Melia(Cabo San Lucas)Mexico - epic views & A list celebs!
  4. Hotel du Cap - Eden Roc, France - exclusive, mega-expensive & even more celebs! 
  5. Tara Sand Guest House(Cayman Kai)Cayman Islands - hidden treasure
  6. Hayman Resort(Queensland) Australia - the best down under!
  7. The Leela Palace (Goa)India - Who doesn't want to live at a palace!
  8. Londolozi Private Game Rsrve.(Johannesburg)South Africa - GREEN is good!
  9. Hotel Odinsve(Reykjavik)Iceland - enviable CULTURE!
  10. The Savoy(London)UK-my favourite..art & vintage clothes unlimited

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