Thursday, 29 July 2010


other Nickname: The Iguana
Real Name:James Newell Osterberg Jr
Profession: singer, songwriter, musician, and occasional actor

Invention: Stage-diving ( I know? right..OMG!!)

Our New York Liaison saw Iggy at Barneys Co-Op last night to sign t-shirts at the launch of his collection for the store’s Archive 1887 line. Her exact words were "he's old, but he's got the body of a 21yr old!!!!"

Does he really wear t-shirts? Apparently at the launch he was wearing a bare waistcoat. Actually we looked him up on the Web and we could NOT find a photo of him with a shirt on. 

When asked “You don’t really wear t-shirts, are you going to wear your Barneys’ Archive 1887 line?” Classic mega-rockstar reply “I wear them in the morning when my AC is too cold in my Ferrari–I always wear an Iggy and the Stooges t-shirt,” he said. 

Back to Fashion: Each garment's hang tag comes with a key that can be worn as a necklace and an online code that, when punched in at Archive 1887's website, unlocks a streaming playlist, musician career bio, etc. (Get it? The key unlocks the playlist ... oh, never mind.) 

Iggy was fab about posing for pix! check out the line -
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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First Kate now Erin..The Top Team is intrigued with multi-tasking ERIN

Who is Erin Wasson? She is an American model, sometimes stylist and a bit of a designer. Love the multi-tasking! She's graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including French, German, Spanish and Australian Vogue. To make a long story short she has more collabo-s than Didddy. 

The expansion of the Wasson brand began several years ago, when she bought an East Village apartment that turned out to be two floors below the young designer Alexander Wang. They lived in the same building and made fashion friends in an elevator. He saw the way she dressed on a daily basis and asked her to style is runway show. 

Her most recent collabo seems to have a bit of gossip - "the RVCA break-up" ?!. 

According to sources inside the company, RVCA dropped Erin Wasson because her team was too hard to work with. “Total chaos and the epitome of unorganized,” according to one person we spoke with. We know, what a shocker. What do they expect???

Word is.. that The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based skate brand–acquired last week by behemoth Billabong–will be focusing more on its other collaborations, like the one with Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely. Funny thing is, Neely is essentially a Wasson knock-off, at least when it comes to personal style. 

****From Erin’s team; they have “no comment.”
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Top Ten Trend - BOWLER HAT

We're grabbing a quick lunch and summer is in full effect! To see cool california girls embrace English bowler cool is that! It's's's timeless - bowler baby!
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

TOP TEN NEWS: Gossip Girl visite Paris!

Gossip Girl est à Paris pour la saison quatre. Oui! Nous sommes tellement envieux. Je veux plus!

Although we may have become use to the extra sharp shoulders - this gold sequin jacket and tazored blue pants on Blake Lively is on fire! Je le veux..

Both Leighton and Blake sexily skips through the Parisian rue! Leighton wearing a girly, print-happy Moschino dress, and Blake ever so cool in a tomboy-cool Georges Chakra dress and a boyfriend blazer. 

TREND ALERT: Lively kills us with the heat of this pink bubble-gum wide leg pants and chunky jewelry. Are bras the new tank top?? The trouser is beyond!

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