Thursday, 29 July 2010


other Nickname: The Iguana
Real Name:James Newell Osterberg Jr
Profession: singer, songwriter, musician, and occasional actor

Invention: Stage-diving ( I know? right..OMG!!)

Our New York Liaison saw Iggy at Barneys Co-Op last night to sign t-shirts at the launch of his collection for the store’s Archive 1887 line. Her exact words were "he's old, but he's got the body of a 21yr old!!!!"

Does he really wear t-shirts? Apparently at the launch he was wearing a bare waistcoat. Actually we looked him up on the Web and we could NOT find a photo of him with a shirt on. 

When asked “You don’t really wear t-shirts, are you going to wear your Barneys’ Archive 1887 line?” Classic mega-rockstar reply “I wear them in the morning when my AC is too cold in my Ferrari–I always wear an Iggy and the Stooges t-shirt,” he said. 

Back to Fashion: Each garment's hang tag comes with a key that can be worn as a necklace and an online code that, when punched in at Archive 1887's website, unlocks a streaming playlist, musician career bio, etc. (Get it? The key unlocks the playlist ... oh, never mind.) 

Iggy was fab about posing for pix! check out the line -