Friday, 20 August 2010

Kate & Laura Mulleavy sells out.. to LVMH that is, which is really NOT selling out!?..

If you're going to sell then LVMH is the buyer to mull over!!!! Hurrah for Rodarte - we love this line and the girls behind it.The speculation that megabrand corporate umbrella Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy is in end-stage negotiations with black magic sisters Laura and Kate of Rodarte is all over the NET. Their five-year-old, decisively beloved label has gone as far as their little brand can go without corporate backing. We think the deal is going through and it will certainly mark the high point of what has been a very busy, often tumultuous summer for these LA girls.

There were good reviews for their last Fashion Week showing and their retrospective exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Musesum. The sisters have also announced a forthcoming book and endured PR defeat when MAC canceled their contentious makeup line. Of note and much more exciting is the early peek at their first venture into cinematic costume design with the release of the Black Swan preview. 

Why would LVMH even consider Rodarte? Basically to add another editorially respected line to their brand of brands (Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy,etc.) The truth is Rodarte is yet to be exploited and their collaboration with Target was a huge success (we bought 1 piece of everything).Rodarte is a name that is never far from the lips of both editors and sophisticated consumers. They have a $2 million budget and have been operating at a loss for some time..unfortunately - this will equal financial freedom allowing them more space to grow and a support structure that will allow them enter new markets. 

We look forward to accessories, beauty products, increased publicity..all of that! This may very well be an indie designer dream come true.