Monday, 22 November 2010

Anna goes to CHINA!!
The Shanghaiist (♥ the name) reported that she’s there with American Vogue‘s Director of Special Events, Sylvana Ward Durrett. Apparently, Anna is there to speak at some sort of forum at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Art in Beijing, where people will be able to ask her questions. The event is set to take place today..(they are 13hrs ahead, I think - so tomorrow)
Anna and Sylvana also paid a visit to Vogue China’s offices to meet with their Editor in Chief Angelica Cheung, who copies Anna in everything down to the 
Kindly note that American Vogue‘s latest issue features a two-page spread of Asian models who, according to the sub-headline, are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty.” This would imply that Anna has developed an interest in increasing the visibility of Asians in Vogue, of which there has been very little in the past. Is this embracing a trend or a tactic to sell more magazines?! 

I think the real reason she's there is that she is so tiny (size 000), she has taken to shopping majorly in China - American sizes are way TOO big.