Thursday, 20 January 2011

Black Swan: deathly beautiful, fashion forward - I ♥ TuTus + Ballet!

I was a bit late in watching the much anticipated masterpiece, Black Swan, due to being in the Cayman Islands throughout the holidays. In the fashion world, this movie is a must-see and had to do with the fact that Rodarte has designed the ballet costumes. Impeccable! As it goes, the Mulleavy sisters created 40 costumes for the Darren Aronofsky thriller, including outfitting the entire ballet track. 

Rodarte is the name on everyone's mind especially now with the triumph of the film; the costumes are so "deathly beautifully". From Portman’s spider web rehearsal knits to a white column dress encrusted with jewels that she wears to a ballet benefit, fashion lovers will appreciate the sister's touch. Outsiders will appreciate their ability to create purity in fashion. Aronofsky used the costumes as Portman's, character is insecure, shy, paranoid, and virginal usually wears white, grey, or pink. While Mila Kunis, whose character is loose and wild, wears plenty of black. As does Portman’s mother, played by Barbara Hershey. It’s when Portman and Hershey are in scenes together that the costumes convey the most to the audience.
As for the film? I’m not a movie critic, but this psychological melodrama is entertaining, scary, creepy, strange, and funny all at once. Portman is good. Really, really good. Her ballerina is empathetic yet frightening. This film makes you believe that she might be the most important actress of her generation.

I overheard the conversation of two fashion big-wigs as they discussed awards season being in full swing. Apparently, Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s names will not be in the nominations for the Best Costume Design category as Amy Westcott has “front credit” as costume designer for the film while they've only received a backend credit.A la Edith Head winning the Oscar for Sabrina when Givenchy outfitted Hepburn for the film.

In the case of Rodarte for Black Swan, some say that the Mulleavy’s were “naive about movies,” meaning they didn’t negotiate credits in their initial deal, and weren’t members of the the Costume Design Guild when they worked on the film (they are now). Fox Searchlight reportedly wanted to submit Westcott and the Mulleavy sisters for Oscar consideration, but guild rules dictate that only the front credit designer is eligible.

This will not happen twice, the word is that the sisters are repped by William Morris and seeking movie projects outside of producing the chic Rodarte line–and this time they want their names up front! XOXO TH+WH