Sunday, 2 January 2011

Leaving to London... how do you pack???? Help

London at any time of year is lovely and visiting in January and February calls for major style! After-all London Fashion Week is in preparation etc! The rule is that when dressing for cold weather, you just layer in Europe and instantly you’re chic.The team's advice is that you bring plenty of relaxed clothes and accessories without over-stuffing your suitcase. Let’s pack?! I look to do the small things first.
1. camera
2. plump scarf 
3. leather gloves
4. some sort of hat
5. Man-purse even though you’re a girl! This will secure your belongings
6. small jewellery
7. comfortable riding boots

We’ll end with the essentials:
1. chunky knit sweater 
2. well-made leggings 
3. any brand of jeans that Victoria Beckham endorses 
4. V-neck tee long sleeve and short
5. outer-wear option—cropped leather jacket or Trench coat!