Monday, 7 February 2011

MTV kills Conrad's reality show!

MTV, the network that made Lauren Conrad a star, has confirmed they will not air her new reality show, which focused on her forthcoming contemporary line, Paper Crown.“We decided not to go ahead with the show,” David Janollari, Head of Programming for MTV, told “It was a great attempt but it just didn’t feel like a perfect fit for us now.” 

It came as a shock to Conrad, who mentioned the show in her Teen Vogue cover story a few months ago, saying it was inspired by The September Issue. This was a very ambitious attempt!!! It seems that MTV wanted more of the Hills. They felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered her the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of her personal life. 

While it makes sense that Conrad would want to graduate from a Hills-style “reality” show, the Hills made Conrad successful, in part, by letting viewers get to know her and peek in on her personal life and drama. So if Conrad’s new show focused only on Paper Crown, a line she said is all about, “really great fits, fabrics, and details…nothing that’s trying too hard,” and nothing about Conrad, we can understand MTV’s reluctance to pick it up. Of course, it’s also understandable that Conrad is pissed about MTV’s decision. Without the publicity Paper Crown would have received from the show, the fate of Conrad’s new line is uncertain. Or is it???