Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Sachin & Babi

Latin line, Sachin & Babi’s Pre-Fall lineup is captivating! The husband-and-wife Ahluwalia team's aesthetic is all blooms and flamenco flounces. Hand-painting, silhouetted blossoms, and embroidered all over with even more - so much traditional and flirtiness.The label is so charming, it's bound to have an appeal, it should do lots of sales; they've claimed it!
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Monday, 28 December 2015

Tamara Mellon | cosmic cult

The pieces are cosmic, the line I absolutely adore. Just perfect!
TM showed the sweetest peach dress sequined among other silhouettes that channeled the season's familiar '70s vibe. I'm addicted to every one. 

There are seasonal showpieces—including a jumpsuit flossed in fringe!!! What more can I say. I love everything that a jumpsuit offers.

I could have started talking accessories immediately,but I saved the best for last. They are beyond and will be worn and re-worn in months to come. All eyes on the 'frontline' sandals/flats. 

Modern, modern, modern. 

Two years have passed since the launch of TM's collection, the line remains unstoppable. Cult modern classics.
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Reem Acra: HWD girl

Reem Acra! She is so Hollywood conscious and we live for this. After all, whether it’s the Emmys or the upcoming Oscars, that’s where she is always highlighted; her looks outshine. But, says the designer, Pre-Fall is also “for the client,” which means that there was a mix of offerings here, ranging from cocktail pieces to those floor-length, camera flash–inducing gowns. The would-be red carpet numbers are predictably the best.There were champagne pink and lavender gowns with taffeta layers and Chantilly lace bustiers, dotted with flower appliqués. On the more skin-flaunting side, there was pretty naval-diving décolletage on a rose-color gown, as well as a spaghetti-strap lilac piece with a flint-hued, embroidered mini-bust for a bombshell effect. For those not strutting the Hollywood welcome mat, Acra did plenty of LBDs.

The weightlessness makes these pieces easy-to-wear—a big plus for all of Acra’s clientele, whether or not they are a silver-screen regular. XXOO

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Ugly | it's the name of the brand *trend*

Founders: Nani Koberidze and Lasha Mdinaradze

Year established: 2013

Known for: Candy-hued faux-fur jackets

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015



Kim K West had major déjà when she attended the InStyle​ Awards in a floor-length, skintight, white gown and cape by Valentino. She's among the herd of celebs to go for the caped gown ensemble, a look that history proves always gives the wearer the FOCUS, for obvious reasons: the all-white color communicates confidence with a capital C (the kind possessed only by those who don't fear stains), and a floor length cape signals superhero-levels of boldness. Also, it looks really, really good.

Take a closer look at Kim's outfit and see other members of the white cape dress superheroes.
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Homeless chic (not politically correct)

Founders: Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato

established: 2009

Known for: Clean, cool, minimal street mode

Worn by: Part of the daily uniform of Tokyo’s most fashion-conscious girls 

Spring 2016 inspirations: The passage and distortion of time; hand-dyeing and fraying techniques.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Céline: here I thought the name was only synonymous with perfect blinder sunnies

Urban life is out, it's about being relaxed and perhaps putting your feet on the sand. Phoebe Philo is Céline. 

Philo rebuilt Céline by trusting her instincts, and by trusting that other women are tuned into the same wavelength. And now she’s getting more outspoken about it. “I am somebody who is interested in how clothes make us feel,” she said, “and in how we behave in different places. I thought, If you were traveling for a year, what would you need to take with you?”
Where were her model-avatars heading? The space, constructed by FOS, a Danish installation artist, suggested something between a festival hangout and an art biennial in a hot locale, but the music was a mechanistic drumming that kept pace with the stream of girls, marching swiftly and with intent, shod in utilitarian ankle boots, or almost-medieval woven-leather pointy flats. 

What with the English menswear tweedy checked suiting, the wide cropped pair of trousers in extraordinarily high-shine black satin and, then, the olive green army parka and pants that swing out at the end, Philo reminded all and sundry that this is the house that services women with the best cuts available.
Yet on the other hand, Céline is also a dress source. And here, there was a full spectrum of those as well, not just plunging lace-edged slips but practical workday survival looks in utititarian linen, and then, for evening or perhaps day-wafting on holiday, long fluid jersey dresses with high-waisted bodices and chaste-medieval scooped necks. A telling reaction to this collection was the instant straw poll going on among guests as they poured out of the show. Asking each other what they liked best, everyone had a different answer. And that’s the way it is, today: There is, and should be, no one look, but a spectrum of equally valid looks for many of us to feel like ourselves in. Phoebe Philo’s genius is that she holds the mirror up to that emotional reality. Applause.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fall in love as I did with Proenza Schouler

It's official, I'm obsessed with Proenza Schouler. They have achieved huge success with accessories for such a young brand, but the duo behind the label has never been known for having the same touch with shoes. Sure, Proenza’s footwear has been notable from time to time, but they’ve never had the sort of breakout hits that make shoe lovers flock to them season after season. Some people in the industry think that the shoes from the Proenza Schouler Spring 2014 runway show are set to be a turning point.
Since bringing on hotshot American fashion investor Andrew Rosen, Proenza has sought to diversify its revenue opportunities, which is just a fancy business way of saying they’re looking to make more of the types of high-margin products that help a young business turn into a powerhouse. For nearly all fashion brands, that includes shoes, and the brand revamped its shoe line two seasons ago in hopes of accomplishing that goal. They’ve yet to score a true hit.
After the brand’s excellent show on Wednesday, though, my Twitter feed was abuzz with editors and bloggers waxing poetic on the collection’s wooden-platformed huarache-style sandals. They’re bold, for sure, and the carved heels are beautiful in their careful striations. They have enough personality to become an It Shoe within the fashion industry, but are they marketable enough to move Proenza into the public’s eye? Check out the photos below and let us know what you think.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

#m a r c [Jacobs]

I arrived in New York that Friday night only to hear that Riccardo Tisci’s 9/11 Givenchy show was contemplative, or at least set out to be; the good news was that it was totally open to the public. The bad news; I didn't attend. I got the scoop  though. That'll be a different post!
On the hand a week later Marc Jacobs’s show was a vociferant, exuberant affair. Both got the public involved: It’s still hard to score access, but the shows are less and less an insular, insiders-only experience. 

Circumstance forced Jacobs out of his usual venue—sometimes the Army needs the Lexington Avenue Armory. He said he jumped at the chance to show in the Ziegfeld—as a native New Yorker, he grew up seeing movies at the famous theater—and that the innovative setup was custom-fit to the special location. “Marc Jacobs: One Night Only!” blazed the marquee. Inside, there was popcorn and fountain drinks; cigarette girls offered candy; and ushers dispensed Playbills (not a mixed metaphor, the original Ziegfeld showed musicals, not movies) as they led celebrities like Bette Midler, Winona Ryder, Sandra Bernhard, and Sofia Coppola to their seats. Oldies and goodies! Outside, models including Bella Hadid, Guinevere van Seenus, Emily Ratajkowski, and the singer Beth Ditto walked the length of a red carpet that stretched for half a block, stopping for a picture at the Marc Jacobs step-and-repeat, before they made their way up the stairs and into the theater, where we watched the street-side happenings on the Ziegfeld’s giant screen. 
The show was a love letter to the movies, America’s greatest invention; to America itself; and to a New York City that’s all but vanished. The Ziegfeld is the largest surviving single-screen theater in Manhattan, and trumpeter Brian Newman and his band played punk progenitors the New York Dolls’s 1973 song “Trash.” Nostalgia is the most powerful force in Jacobs’s work. This season he indulged his insatiable, catholic tendencies: High culture (Maria Callas as Medea), low (showgirls), and things in between (Janet Leigh in Psycho) mingled on the runway. You couldn’t help but think that Andy Warhol would have appreciated it, not least of all because some of the prints were suggestive of the Pop artist’s silkscreens. 

It’s the kind of collection that will reward an up-close look—dense with detail and hidden meanings, and totally irresistible. 
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