Wednesday, 16 September 2015

r o d a r t e 'past is the future'

"Sometimes I feel like it’s futuristic to go into the past.” - fashion quotes from designer, Kate Mulleavy. She and her sister, Laura, spent the summer immersing themselves in Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, and Leonard Cohen, while listening to Electric Light Orchestra’s early synthesized, sparkly music. It seems to have put them into a kind of a ’70s-nostalgic trance from which their best collection in a long time proceeded—a kind of soft glam-rock tenderly sewn into immensely intricate ensembles trailing long silk scarves and an aura of Old Hollywood glitter in its wake.

It wasn’t all dresses. The floppily louche lamĂ© pantsuits were my favourite! This was a collection that achieved the range that has also eluded the Mulleavys till now. Did it move fashion on? Probably not. But as far as Rodarte is concerned, looking to its own past brought out what will stick in memory as one of the most soulfully authentic collections in New York.