Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What's in your kit, Tigerlily?


It's a part of my job to have a solution for every wardrobe malfunction under the sun. I'm never without the following:

  1. Sewing kit - it includes two scissors that cuts fabric as well as paper. A key element of styling is to know how to do basic sewing as this can come in very handy. It has served me well on location shoots where a tailor wasn't available.
  2. Instax Fujifilm Mini Camera - photograph my clients so they can see exactly what I'm seeing. This, my iPhone and I'm my client's residence photographer as well. My instax was a gift, but they're everywhere even at airports.
  3. Calvin Klein or Commando undies - these are tried and tested seamless undies; the most minimal underwear there is. 
  4. Spanx - smooths any visible bulges and  lines, it really is the best aid for dresses. 
  5. Stick-ons - I'm always an advocate for being braless, however for my clients attending an event or involved in a photoshoot it is highly necessary to use these. Braless can be distracting for an outfit. Stick-ons work.  
  6. *Nippies Self Adhesive Silicone Nipple covers*

  7. Foot Petals - they were made for new shoe problems, the slippery, slick sole issues etc.
  8. Double-Stick Tape (add some Gaffer as well)
  9.  - it just holds everything where it should

  10. Static Guard  - naturally needed
  11. Hole Puncher - Belts and slingbacks just always seem to need an additional hole
  12. Binder, Paper clips
  13. Jewelry shine cloth
  14. Shout wipes, baby wipes, anti bacterial wipes 
  15. Of course, I also have a wide array of feminine necessities and a bottle of baby aspirins just in case!

    **Champagne and chocolate raisins. I drink maybe once every three or four months, but when I do a glass of bubbly is always in good regulation.** xxoo