CHANEL | cruise 2021


Owing to the world crisis, Chanel had no presentation this season.

And just as well; the cruise 2021 collection was underwhelming, blasè and bland. The most exciting aspect is that Virginie Viard (Creative Director) literally found all of her inspiration in street style, but camouflaged it by describing the collection as “easy clothes” that “a sophisticated but also cool girl would want to travel with.” destination in mind  – summer in Capri or the South of France. It would’ve been more prudent for her to come clean and say she was inspired by everyday people in their everyday surroundings.

The understated clothes was not close to the philosophy of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Admittedly we all are looking for season to season appeal, decade driving and overall whip appeal, but what we got was boringly plain. Still Chanel, but without the element of surprise.

The only inspiration was the singular black model, Karly Loyce. The curly haired muse, Mica Argañaraz was equally captivating, both ensuring they did their job of showcasing the clothes perfectly.