ALAÏA | Spring 2022

At this stage we are all wishing we were at the Rue de Moussy to see the debut collection honoring the legacy of thee Azzedine Alaïa!

Pieter Mulier is the Belgian creative director who has taken the reins to the Alaïa house since the passing of our beloved Azzedine in 2017.

40 years ago Alaïa explained the codes of body con which he invented. All those codes were embodied in the deviously, sexy and slithering dresses that hugged the body but was in the same breath attainable.

We like Pieter’s honesty, “They don’t like the word ‘sexual’ here, but I do. Because to me, this is the only house in the world which is sexual without being vulgar.” It’s actually about pure beauty, and working on the body, which I have never seen anywhere else.” He could not have summed up his first stint better.

Pieter is not intimidated and it showed in the collection, Alaïa’s personal Tunisian backstory, with his references to North African robes and babouche shoes were not trampled on. We are super grateful to breathe as this passing of the flame to a new-generation safe pair of hands is complete.