fashion / 28.10.2015

 Kim K West had major déjà when she attended the InStyle​ Awards in a floor-length, skintight, white gown and cape by Valentino. She's among the herd of celebs to go for the caped gown ensemble, a look that history proves always gives the wearer the FOCUS, for obvious reasons: the all-white color communicates confidence with a capital C (the kind possessed only by those who don't fear stains), and a floor length cape signals superhero-levels of boldness. Also, it looks really, really good.Take a closer look at Kim's outfit and see other members of the white cape dress superheroes....

fashion / 22.10.2015

Founders: Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato
Year established: 2009
Known for: Clean, cool, minimal street mode
Worn by: Part of the daily uniform of Tokyo’s most fashion-conscious girls 
Spring 2016 inspirations: The passage and distortion of time; hand-dyeing and fraying techniques....

fashion / 04.10.2015

Urban life is out, it's about being relaxed and perhaps putting your feet on the sand. Phoebe Philo is Céline. Philo rebuilt Céline by trusting her instincts, and by trusting that other women are tuned into the same wavelength. And now she’s getting more outspoken about it. “I am somebody who is interested in how clothes make us feel,” she said, “and in how we behave in different places. I thought, If you were traveling for a year, what would you need to take with you?”Where were her model-avatars heading? The space, constructed by FOS, a Danish installation artist, suggested something...