Jacquemus | fall 2020 Minimalism RTW

Simon Porte Jacquemus showed the most magnanimous show last summer. We can all agree at least on that! So this season some of us where left with. WHAT IS THISSSS?

The internet-breaking success of the summer show in a lavender field in Provence is still revered; the fame of that beautiful event, with its incredible fuchsia runway, gathered about 2 million followers to his Instagram. Which let’s face it is all that matters.

What has changed this season? Jacquemus decided that his views must wholly serve this generation and so he created looks that combined creativity with commercialism. He said “I am selling clothes, so it was going back to things that are minimal and effortless, like a dress people can wear to a wedding and a few times afterwards,” he said. “I am happy that I got the prices down again. See this dress?”—he pointed to a bias cut linen mini-halter neck, suspended on a narrow rope—“This is 500 euros in the shop.”

Provocative, body-conscious fits, cropped tops, bras, wrapped micro-skirts, thigh-high boots we saw and totally lived the full vibes. This is the relatable going-out clothes I live for and will continue to wear. I personally love that he is real with his feedback on his collections, “I am successful—but I still have doubts. So I decided to slow my company, to show just summer and winter. It’s also a decision to make my company feel well, you know? We sat down and said, we have to do this with more sense—do we really need a hundred fabrics, when we could use 10?”

Jacquemus’ message is that minimal is beautiful. Too. This is important and deserves to be heard.