LAQUAN is not an overnight success. He’s deliberate and meticulously on a level that has now become familiar and mainstream. He’s worked and kept working smart; after all in fashion sex sells and intelligence keeps it going.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, Smith sought to stick with in the popular pieces that best represent the celebrities he’s dressed, his culture and ultimately himself.

“It’s a looking-good, feeling-good collection with the understanding and the ownership of the fact that we are a Black-owned luxury brand, the designer said.

Smith’s reality is one of bold sexuality and huge female power. The woman he designs for is confident, self assured and she knows without asking that she’s powerful. Yes we are obsessed with loungewear as we are still in the midst of a pandemic, however LAQUAN is determined to trod on in the essence of pushing the limits.

FYI…his provocative see-through catsuit—a favorite of Jennifer Lopez—saw a boom in sales during quarantine, so naturally it is apparent that the need for the sensual freak is universal and is here to get us through the roaring ‘20’s.