Natural Hairstyles Stole The Runway At Fashion Week throughout this year

I’m never surprised during fashion week, positive or negative, but the excitement I feel in this era of #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy is good for the soul. The  fight for diversity across all categories (skin color, hair type and dress size) is finally a meaningful conversation which may result in options. At the very least. This prompted my best friend, Nik and I to write a piece about the fashionable young girls back home in the Cayman Islands who has made every attempt to live a life outside of hair scrutiny.

#hairhaze |  Natural hair is imminent 

Interviewing the young ladies pictured, they spoke to us about their choice to have natural hair, we noticed that their stories were in essence the same. 


The illusion of society’s definition of hair beauty being straight, chemically relaxed or enhanced did not appeal to them and this was purposefully passed down to them from their parents. 

They somehow had little tolerance for the lack of understanding for wanting to have natural hair and as they stood uncombed and purveyors of their naturalness, they had no apologies. We delved in further. 

The reality for black girls has always been to imitate European hair in order to be accepted as a true beauty, yet these girls seen in the photo had somehow escaped or defied those standards. 


Their answers were all the same: their parents, their cognizance of the damage that could be done by altering their hair texture and their role models all had natural hair as well. 

In short, they had no interest in making others feel ‘relaxed’ by going out of their way to chemically relax their crowning beauty. They were born with this hair and they are hell-bent on maintaining the truthfulness of their hair forward. Unfazed by hair haze. 

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curated by Nik Stewart and Tigerlily Hill Photographer – Cortez Vernon  BloggerImage BloggerImage