P R A D A | Resort 2020

Does the show look over-styled? No! It’s pure inspiration and Prada is the final destination for signature pieces. This resort season, Miuccia Prada was in an understated mindset. Not many embellishments, she describes it as “it’s simplicity as a protest against too much. I’m sensitive to the political situation; it affects me.” Dear Miuccia, we feel you.

I love that there were so many girls of color in the show. There was a lot of work with cotton, a varied level of peasant tops with smocking and handmade embroideries, striped button-downs in novel shapes, calico-print jackets and matching pants. I saw comfortable sack dresses, stripes, calicos, and ofcourse skirts that were full and A-lined. The usual silhouette we’ve come to adore about Prada. I’m always a fan of girly proportions, but I also like the pairing with the Tom-boy high-top sneakers! ~TH