VERSACE | Spring 22 RTW

Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowski, Lourdes Leon and Dua Lipa on the Versace runway, we expected the heavy hitters to show up.  Donatella Versace knows how to pull up, you saw the three piece look for Lil Nas X at the Met Gala last week. Like it or not it was attention jolting and we could not look away.

This spring presentation was a bright, shiny revival of Versace’s many highs, aimed straight at the heart of the TikTok generation—young people for whom Dua and Lil Nas are household names, but who may be less familiar with the supermodels who helped propel the brand to fame 30 years ago. Naomi Campbell, a forever Versace girl ushered in the new-gen models and naturally showed us all how it’s done.

Versace kept things young and playful, showing basketball silks and pajama sets in the archival Medusa print and the new La Greca print, and using the patterns for accents: a handkerchief top here, a bikini top there, and as patchwork on baggy faded blue jeans. For the first-time buyer, there were logo tees. The color palette was pure pop: a long run of Miami neons was bookended by sections of black, with a brief segue into collegiate red that featured what might be Versace’s first varsity letterman’s jacket. These clothes would be right at home in the Caribbean, Miami, the overall heated places!!

Next up we hear Versace is planning a collaboration with Fendi. We can’t wait.